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Welcome to your Good as New Zone

Find used and approved Cosatto classics right here. Good to go, with the high level of Cosatto quality you’d expect, all graded and guaranteed. From ex-demo to pre-owned and reconditioned by us – only the best get the green light. Recycling shows the planet some love too. So grab your Good as New now. Who knows, it could be that fave design you missed out on.

Ex-Display Items

Ex-Display is simply that. These items have been out the door but sent back, unused and ready to try again. Give a home to a nearly-new piece of Cosatto, save big and feel warm and fuzzy inside. Some things are meant to be.

  1. They’re safety-checked, cleaned and inspected to ensure they make the grade.
  2. Then they’re boxed up for you to bring home and love.
  3. Only the best get the green light.

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Pre-Loved Products

Love shows. From teddy’s worn ear to a stroller scratch. Love mends too. Our refurbed products are good to go. Same Cosatto quality- but now double loved. Repairing and recycling shows the planet love too.

  1. Carefully selected products go through stringent tests, safety-checks, cleaning and repairs with new parts.
  2. Then they’re boxed up for you to bring home and love.
  3. Only the best get the green light.

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Reasons to buy Good as New

Bag a Rare Gem
Ever had one that got away? Cosatto designs sell out fast. Whilst you may not be in the league of some extreme Cosatto collectors, if you’re misty-eyed over that lost love, it could well pop up here. Grab it before it’s whisked away again. Be the one with the one.

Bag a Bargain
Everyone loves a bargain - even better when it’s a ‘Good as New’ guaranteed item. Your Cosatto used and approved product is certified safe and sound.  Get a good saving on Ex-Display, get an even bigger saving on Pre-Loved - if you don’t mind the odd slight scratch. Every product has a story to tell. Give one a home and you’ll be adding to it. 

Peace of Mind. Guaranteed.
We want you to be as confident with your Good as New purchase as you are with our brand new products. That’s why, when you buy Cosatto Good as New, not only are you getting used and approved pieces that have been through our inspection process but they’re also guaranteed. Ex-Display items have our industry-leading 4 year guarantee. Pre-Loved items are guaranteed for 6 months.

Recycling Saves Resources
When you buy a second-hand item instead of a brand new one you are saving resources. This diverts demand and bit by bit, we can then put more and more focus on our recycling process.  Buying Cosatto pre-used is easier on the planet and on your pocket. This story is just beginning. Be part of it.